Love that dog

On the road

Love that dog toured through America from march 18th till april 13th 2017!


Love that dog

Jack is a boy.

Boys don’t write poetry.
Girls write poetry.
But his teacher sees through
and before he knows
Jack writes his own poems.
He prefers to write about his dog Sky.

Based on the novel of Sharon Creech, rewarded with a Zilveren Griffel, an important price in the Netherlands for youth literature.

13 September

I don’t want it
because boys
don’t write poetry
Girls do

Love that dog is a tough, poetic, but above all visual play about a boy, Jack. Love that dog is also the moving, poetic and inspiring diary of a boy who learns that words can be miraculous. Kwatta brings Jacks poetic world to life by visual effects, live music and puppetry.

Love that dog performed at the IPAY showcase 2015 in Philadelphia. Love that dog was first runner up for the People’s Choice Victor Award. 



text: Sharon Creech
direction: Josee Hussaarts
play: Agnes Bergmeijer, Siem van Leeuwen, Servaes Nelissen, Steven Stavast, Hans Thissen
lighting design: Henk van der Geest
animation: Bart van Eeden
scenery and costumes design: Barbara Kroon
technique: Hanno Siegers, Jesse Knoop and Martijn Ceulemans


‘Love That Dog is a sophisticated, fascinating production on numerous levels and provokes thought and discussion.’
(St. Albert Gazette)

‘Above all, Love that dog is a fantastic ode to the poetry.’
(De Gelderlander, October 2010)

‘The vivid decor of Love that dog attends a striking illustration of the fact that everyday life can be a perfect inspiration for beautiful poetry.’
(De Volkskrant, October 2010)


Love that dog was touring through the USA and Canada from March 31 to June 5 2016! It was amazing! Check the photoalbum >> 

The Love that dog tour in Canada was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.