Internationale support voor Kwatta!

Van een afstand zie je soms meer dan van dichtbij. Wat vind je van Kwatta? Dat vroegen we aan een aantal mensen uit het internationale jeugdtheaterveld. Hieronder lees je de mooie reacties van Tony, Wendy, Sherri, Eibhlin, en Forrina!
Een enorme steun voor ons in onzekere subsidietijden.

‘’Kwatta have always been seen as one of the Netherlands’ strongest and most interesting companies. They are also wonderfully accessible and universal; a company that genuinely reaches and touches audiences wherever they perform. I’ve been delighted to present them at a variety of festivals knowing they will always be a hit.’’

Tony Reekie – Directeur van het Catherine Wheels Theatre, Edinburgh (Schotland) – voorheen o.a. directeur van Imaginate Festival


‘’Kwatta’s insightful performances for young audiences and families are a testament to the value of Dutch theatre in the international landscape. As a company they are known for meticulously executed, multidisciplinary artistic elements and nuanced storytelling that deftly connects audiences of all ages with a deeper humanity. Kwatta’s work not only shows audiences high-quality work in the present – its bravery as a company serves as a horizon point for the future for arts presenters, artists and programmers across the globe.’’

Wendy Bable – Bestuursvoorzitter van IPAY (International association of Performing Arts for Youth)


‘’Kwatta’s work is valuable to North American audiences because the stories you tell and the work you create and share bring a global perspective. They also reaffirm how we are all truly connected. Whether you are creating a devised work or adapting a book title, you find a way to tell the story that is unique and powerful. Your strength as a creative team is HOW you tell stories and that you often take a multi-disciplinary approach integrating music, theatre, and puppetry. As a past presenter of Kwatta in the Southern part of the US, introducing our audiences and our staff to artists from another part of the world had a big impact. ‘’

Sherri Leathers van Shaw Entertainment Group – agent van Kwatta in Noord-Amerika en voorheen programmeur van The Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, waar zij Kwatta regelmatig geprogrammeerd heeft


‘’I am writing this statement in support for Kwatta, in my opinion one of the Netherland’s leading exponents of performance work for young audiences.

Kwatta is very well respected in the international TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) sector and has represented Dutch performance work at a number of leading industry showcases and platforms, including IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) in Philadelphia.  

I first came across their work in 2018, when I had the pleasure of seeing Jabberbabble and immediately knew I had to bring it to the Belfast Children’s Festival. Jabberbabble is a very unique and clever way to introduce themes of immigration and the emotions people can feel when a newcomer arrives in your community. I was at one of three shows that formed our Dutch Focus platform during the 2020 Belfast Children’s Festival, supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London. 

Among the schools who enjoyed the performance, and the post-show chat with Director Josee Hussaarts, was Fane Street Primary School, a school in an area of social deprivation in Belfast with a very high percentage of newcomer pupils, and after the show one of their teachers gave this feedback:

“Fantastic production. We have a lot of non-English speaking children who were able to access it. Felt like we were all on the same page. Children were intrigued throughout and actors were fab. Thank you!” 

We also received the following comments from audience members, including teachers: 

“Really enjoyable. Children loved the story and were able to understand theme.” 

“Thank you. Very interesting and unusual. Lots of different interpretations from the children!”

“Really enjoyable Very unusual and the children were captivated by the performance.” 

“Completely beautiful and joyous. Loved it.” 

“That show was fantastic. Lovely creation, a very beautiful mixing between theatre and music, manages to thrill and teach us about things like relationships, respect, love, and nature. It is a lovely travel to simplicity, and the actors and musician are so fantastic. Congratulations!” 

Kwatta demonstrates that performance work for young audiences isn’t just fun and entertaining, it’s a vital tool for exploring very important issues with very young children. It’s vital Kwatta are supported to continue to do this important work, that will be a key element to building children’s resilience as we emerge out of Covid-19 and start on the road to recovery.’’

Eibhlín de Barra – directeur van Belfast Children’s Festival/Young at Art


‘’Kwatta is one of the greatest and world class theatre companies for young audiences. We have been honored to invite them to China several times. Their brilliant and professional way to tell stories have been adored by Chinese families and kids. We have all waited for the border to open again and welcome them back to China and meet more kids. This company not only has delivered high-quality theatre works but also have promoted Dutch culture in a really subtle and heartfelt approach. We all sincerely hope, in any circumstances, they deserve a better solution to keep doing what they are doing, for the Netherlands and for the rest of the world.’’

Forrina Chen – oprichter en artistiek directeur van het Art Space for Kids in Shanghai