About Kwatta

Kwatta is a renowned professional theatre company from the Gelderland province in The Netherlands and is based in its own theatre space in the city of Nijmegen. Writer and director Josee Hussaarts is the artistic director of Kwatta.

Known for its sense of adventure as well as a sense of reality, Kwatta has been making inclusive and original youth theatre for the past two decades. Kwatta tours both The Netherlands and the rest of the world, performing for everyone -aged between 4 and 99- who is open to novel experiences,. Kwatta seeks to connect people and get them to think.

• Kwatta is an inclusive theatre group: a Kwatta performance can be challenging, but it’ll never exclude anyone from the experience

Kwatta always seeks originality: nothing is ”childish” in the eyes of Kwatta. Nothing is a certainty either

Kwatta wants to connect: Kwatta connects art forms, people, spaces and ideas

Kwatta wants to make you think: every play is a chance to surprise our audience and to cause a sense of wonder


Kwatta won the IPAY Victor award in 2014 for Manxmouse, a feat nearly repeated in 2015 with a second place for Love that dog.

In The Netherlands, Kwatta has been nominated several times for the most important national youth theatre awards, ”De Krekels”. Dissus, verdwaal mee in de Odyssee was awarded a Zilveren Krekel (“Silver Cricket”) and made the shortlist of the Zapp Theaterprijs 2015. One year later, Mariken was on that same shortlist.

Writer Jibbe Willems won both the Silver and the Golden Cricket awards in 2019 for his Jabber libretto.